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Southern Concoctions

Holiday Duo (16 oz jars)

Holiday Duo (16 oz jars)

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Southern Concoctions Holiday Duo comes with two of our seasonal flavors which is Autumn Crisp and Southern Cheer.  Each jar serves 8-16 drinks!

1.  Add 12 oz of your favorite spirit to the jar (Vodka, Rum, White Rum, Red Wine, Moscato, Gin, Prosecco, Whiskey, Bourbon, or Boiling Water)

2.  Place in fridge for 3 days to infuse.  Can last up to a month in fridge.  Give it a shake every day.

3.  Shake/Strain your Concoction (leave contents in jar).  Makes 8 shots (1.5 oz).

4.  Add Mixer of choice (Cranberry Juice, Cran-Apple Juice, Cider, Cranberry Sparkling Water, Seltzer Water, White Wine, Champagne, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Club Soda, or White Grape Juice) OR Sip as is!

5.  Cheers!  One jar makes 8 Concoctions but can be infused a second time to make another 8!


*Alcohol not included

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