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Southern Concoctions

SoCo On The Go (16 oz)

SoCo On The Go (16 oz)

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Skip the glass and take SoCo On The Go whether it's poolside, beachside, lakeside, bachelorette party, wedding, or any event you have coming up!  These adult capri suns are simple, fun, and re-useable cocktails on the go. 

Each drink pouch comes filled with the SoCo ingredients to make your cocktail of choice.  Flip over the pouch and use the guide to add the right amount of spirit and mixer to it.  Then, simply sip and enjoy your SoCo cocktail directly from the pouch!  Once you've enjoyed that last sip, fill'er back up and enjoy it a second time.

The leak-proof seal at the top keeps the contents in until you are ready to enjoy.   See those little holes punched at the top, perfect to slip in a colorful straw or simply tote it around with two fingers.  These features make it easily accessible to enjoy without worrying about spillage or needing both hands.  See the bottom, it stands up straight even though you might not be!

So whether you're by the pool, at the beach, attending a bachelorette party, or celebrating a wedding, SoCo On The Go drink pouches provide a convenient and hassle-free way to enjoy your favorite SoCo cocktails on the move. Cheers!

*Alcohol NOT Included

*Straw included with each pouch

*BPA free

*Size 9" x 5"

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