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Southern Concoctions

Party Pouch

Party Pouch

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Hosting a party and not sure how many jars to order? This Party Pouch is perfect for hosting large gatherings for your upcoming celebrations. Each pouch is equal to 4 jars of the same flavor. 

Choose from the following flavors:

Southern Peach, Southern Sangria, Cucumber Jalapeño, TX Old Fashioned, Sweet Southern Pom, Texas Poppy, The Social, SoCoSpresso, Autumn Crisp, and Southern Cheer.


Steps to make your Party Pouch:

1. Empty contents of pouch into a 1 gallon dispenser.

2. Fill dispenser with liquor of choice (48 oz). Place in fridge for 3 days to infuse. Or you can use boiling water for mocktails.

3. Add mixer of choice to fill the rest of the dispenser.

4. Cheers! Set out cups, ice, & garnishes and enjoy your celebration.


*Alcohol NOT Included   

**Dispenser serves 32+ cocktails

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