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Southern Concoctions

Southern Quad (16 oz jars)

Southern Quad (16 oz jars)

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The Southern Quad includes 4 jars of the same flavor.  It's perfect for hosting large gatherings for your upcoming celebrations.  We love using our one gallon dispenser or a punch bowl when serving up the perfect cocktail in large quantities.  Tip: One gallon dispenser holds 4 SoCo infused jars along with mixer.

Choose from the following flavors:

Southern Peach, Southern Sangria, Cucumber Jalapeño, TX Old Fashioned, Sweet Southern Pom, Texas Poppy, The Social, Autumn Crisp, and Southern Cheer. *Flavors cannot be mixed and matched for this pack.

Steps to make your Party Drink:

1. Add 12 oz of your favorite spirit to each jar (Whiskey, Vodka, White Wine, Red Wine, Brandy, Gin, or Boiling Water). This will yield 48 oz of infusion.

2. Place in fridge for 3 days to infuse.  Can last up to a month in fridge.  Give it a shake every day.

3. Shake/Strain Concoctions (all 4 jars) into 1 gallon dispenser/punch bowl (leave contents in the jar which can be used a second time)

4. Add 80 oz of mixer(s) of choice (Soda/Tonic/Sparkling Water, Tea, Juice, Wine, or Prosecco) into dispenser/punch bowl. Stir! 

5. Cheers!  One 4 pack makes 1 gallon dispenser/punch bowl of Concoction.  They can be infused a second time to make another gallon. 


*Alcohol NOT Included   

**Drink Dispenser not included

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